GO FAST! Asphalt Kit

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There is hidden power, torque, and energy in every race car.  Our Kit will free up your race car for power, smoothness, and feel. Kit will treat the engine, power steering, transmission, differential, heim joints, and sealed hubs if you have them. The finishing glaze will minimize the car of dirt build-up and track debris while keeping you and your car looking bright and clean while passing the other drivers.  Clean-up after a race will be a breeze.  

Our Go-Fast Kits now include a can of our Dirt-Off for easy clean-up of your race car!  Works great on dirt and rubber from asphalt too!

Total Defrictionating™ Asphalt Kit Includes:

1 - 16 oz bottle Daytona 1 XL-1 Engine treatment

1 - quart Daytona 1 Racing Power Steering Fluid

4 - quarts Daytona 1 30/60 or 75/90 Gear Oil

1 - 4 oz. bottle Daytona 1 PSL (Professional Spray Lube)

1 - 16.5 oz spray bottle Daytona1 Finishing Glaze

1 - 11 oz can Dirt-Off spray

2 - Large Daytona1 Decals


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