How To Prep Your Race Tires Successfully


 By: Edward “Buck” Parker

NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame, 2000

Our Gripe-Bite Blue and Green is a once and done tire prep, you won't be treating your tires every night till you race. Cut, grind, and then clean with our Aqua to properly prepare the tire surface, then treat with Blue or Green. Treat on Sunday or Monday and race on the weekend, it's that easy!

Tires are the point of contact between the race car and the track. With a prep, there are two types: Qualifying Prep and Race Prep. The purpose of a Qualifying Prep is to allow the tire to “fire” quickly, creating maximum traction for a short time period. A Race Prep, on the other hand, is suited for use throughout an entire race. We now have a family of products that are designed for both of these purposes, and we are proud to say that they are no-odor, non-toxic, and environmentally safe.

Following these steps will give you the grip and bite you have been looking for,

And allow your tires to Re-Fire after cautions


Step #1: If a hard side wall, apply a coat of Green to inside side walls with brush before mounting. This relaxes the side wall allow the patch to stay planted. (Softer side walls do not need this step.)


After mounting, grind, sand or/or cut your tires... do this first before starting any prep work below.


DO NOT GET THE TIRES HOT WHEN YOU GRIND……..Overheating when grinding can cycle the tire and cause hard spots.


Step #2: Is mandatory for best results. Spray the entire tire with our Grip-Bite Aqua, let it sit for 3 – 4 minutes, If a harder compound let sit 5 to 6 minutes. Then pressure wash thoroughly removing ALL residual. …..After that….Let the tires dry completely until bone dry before treating!


Step #3: Apply your Grip-Bite tire prep, either Blue, Black or Green. One very good coat totally saturating the tire. Wrap with plastic and lay on its side.


Step #4: Using …Grip-Bite Blue is very concentrated and should sit for minimum of 4 days, check after 2nd day…if tire is dry apply a second light coat and re-wrap. This will give you deep penetration.


Using Grip Bite Green…Green should sit for 2 days. It’s designed to flash quicker and penetrate faster.


Using Grip Bite Black Traction…Black is very aggressive…will penetrate quickly and dry quickly….can be used in the same day or day before racing…to slow the flash rate down if you have more time wrap the tire when wet.


Step #5: Remove the plastic from the tires the day before you go race to make sure its dry.


Our Grip-Bite products will NOT degrade your tires. We give grip and bite as well as extended life of your tire.


Grip Bite Products, Great for Old and New Tires…Makes a new tire work better, and fire off quicker. Makes an old tire to act like a new one! Best of All, They do not stink and are not harmful as many tire treatments to you and your family.