30/60 Gear Lube 5 Gallon

30/60 Gear Lube
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Elevate Your Performance with Daytona 1's Advanced Gear Fluids

Discover Daytona 1's gear fluids, meticulously designed for unparalleled protection against wear, superior lubricity, and exceptional defense against rust and corrosion. Our cutting-edge formulations are geared towards minimizing downtime and failures, optimizing performance, and ensuring extended gear life.

Experience the Power of Synthetic Gear Lube with Daytona 1:

Our synthetic gear lube underwent a rigorous Dyno test, revealing impressive results. Tested on a Winters Quick Change, it delivered a remarkable 3 ½ horsepower gain to the rear wheels when compared to Mobile1 gear lubes. In LP Gears testing against Mobile1 and Tiger Oils, our D-1 oil demonstrated an 8% reduction in energy consumption needed to operate the rear gears. The key to this success lies in our gear oils' superior lubricity, reducing friction and wear for more horsepower delivered to the ground.

D-1 Synthetic Racing Gear Oils are formulated with state-of-the-art "Defrictionators" TM, providing race cars with:

  1. Superior Protection: Our gear oils reduce parasitic drag, heat, friction, and wear, ensuring optimal performance on the track.
  2. Enhanced Lubricity: Better lubricity means less friction, translating to increased horsepower delivered to the ground.
  3. Protection from Rust and Corrosion: State-of-the-art formulations guarantee excellent protection, preserving the integrity of your gear components.

Ideal for quick change rear ends and 9" Fords, our gear oils stand out as the Fastest Gear Oils In The World!