5W-40 Full Synthetic Racing Oil Quart

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The Ultimate in Race Oils!!! Our Z9 PTRO 5W-40 is a full-sythetic Purpose Tuned Racing Oil, designed specifically for race engines that reach high tempeatures and high RPM's. This racing oil has our all in one lubrication protection and racing package formulation that allows your engine to reach its full capacity. Just pour it in and you're done, it's that easy. 

It has been tested and certified to maintain the highest integrity in viscosity and shear ratings at 303 degrees without breaking down. It maintains its sheer stability and viscosity so your hydraulic lifters will not collapse during a race any longer because of high heat or high RPM's. This motor oil does not "fall off" towards the end of a race when you need it most. You will also see a nice gain in horsepower and torque. 

It's truly a break through formulation designed for racing engines that reach the highest of temperatures and turn the highest of RPM's. There is nothing else on the market today that compairs. Buy this product and you will be- Running With The Best!!

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