15W-40 Full-Synthetic Crate Racing Oil - Methanol (click for options)

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Introducing our high-performance 15W-40 Black Label Semi-Synthetic Racing Oil, expertly formulated for engines fueled by methanol, ethanol, and race gas.

Why is this significant? Our specialized oil is crafted to shield against corrosion and pitting, common issues associated with Methanol and Ethanol fuels. Additionally, it excels at emulsifying excess fuel that may overflow into the crankcase, offering enhanced protection.

As a valuable extra, our oil comes with an unbeatable additive package, featuring a Tri-Zinc combination and our renowned XL-1 Engine Treatment already integrated. Skip the hassle of measuring – just open and pour. It's that simple. Experience prevention against valve train and bearing wear while unlocking additional horsepower and torque for your engine. Optimize your performance effortlessly with our Purpose Tuned Racing Oil (PTRO).

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