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Explore the exceptional benefits of Daytona 1's Crate Oil (15W40) for high-performance engines. Our premium racing oil features a top-notch base stock enhanced with specialized synthetic components and defrictionators, providing unparalleled control over shear, wear, viscosity specs, and advanced lifter technology.

What sets this Race Oil apart is the inclusion of the ultimate additive package, featuring a tri-zinc combination for enhanced wear protection at elevated temperatures. Elevate your engine's performance with the XL-1 Engine Treatment Race Package, designed to eliminate parasitic drag, mitigate wear, reduce running temperatures, and boost both horsepower and torque.

Recommended for operation at 265 degrees and below, this versatile oil is compatible with all race fuels, including Methanol. Proper usage of this oil virtually guarantees prolonged engine life, offering protection to crucial wear points. Breakthrough technology embedded in our oil ensures comprehensive engine safeguarding, making it a reliable choice for maximizing engine longevity and performance.

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  • 5
    15w-40 PTRO

    Posted by Dave C on 19th Mar 2024

    High quality product.

  • 5
    15w-40 semi syn crate oil

    Posted by Heath Dry on 30th Jun 2023

    Great product, no end of race drop off! The best customer service.

  • 4
    crate oil

    Posted by pete morgantini on 8th May 2023

    we dyno alot of crate engines and on the dyno we definitely see an improvement with DAYTONA 1 OIL over any of the other racing oils....it may be a little more expensive but worth it in power and engine protection

  • 5
    Synthetic blend oil

    Posted by Darren ferrell on 20th Mar 2023

    Nothing better for my crate 602 IMO

  • 5
    I haven’t found a better product!

    Posted by Heath on 23rd Jan 2023

    Fast shipping and great customer support!