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Explore Daytona 1's gear fluids, meticulously crafted for unmatched protection against wear, heightened lubricity, and outstanding defense against wear, rust, and corrosion. Our advanced formulations are strategically designed to minimize downtime, prevent failures, elevate overall performance, and ensure an extended gear life. Just like our renowned 30/60 gear lube, it delivers exceptional results, particularly in Harley Davidson transmissions, ensuring smooth shifting and optimal performance.

Key Features of Daytona 1 Gear Fluids:

  1. Superior Wear Protection: Our gear fluids provide an extra layer of defense against wear, ensuring the longevity of your gear components.
  2. Enhanced Lubricity: Experience smoother operation and reduced friction for improved performance.
  3. Rust and Corrosion Defense: Our formulations offer excellent protection, preventing rust and corrosion and extending the life of your gears.
  4. Downtime Reduction: By using Daytona 1 gear fluids, you contribute to minimizing downtime and potential failures.
  5. Extended Gear Life: The advanced formulation is geared towards giving your gears a prolonged and reliable lifespan.

Optimize Your Harley Davidson Transmission:

Our gear fluids, including the 30/60 variant, are exceptionally well-suited for Harley Davidson transmissions. The result? Seamless and smooth shifting, ensuring your Harley performs at its best.

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    Gear oil

    Posted by Darren Ferrell on 20th Mar 2023

    The best stuff on the planet