Boost Your Horsepower... Without Breaking the Bank

2nd Feb 2024

Boost Your Horsepower... Without Breaking the Bank

The roar of engines and the thrill of competition – the racing season is upon us! As your trusted partner in peak performance, Daytona 1 is proud to unveil the latest "Go Fast Kit:" your comprehensive solution to dominate the track from day one.

This meticulously created kit equips you with the essential tools to begin your season to Run With the Best!

  • Unmatched Power:
    • XL-1 Engine Treatment: Unleash hidden reserves of power and protection for your racing engine adding more horsepower and torque with reduced heat and wear.
    • The Fastest Gear Oils in the World:
      • 30/60 & 75/90 Full Synthetic Gear Oil: Ideal for high-revving applications, reducing parasitic drag and maximizing power transfer. Perfect for heavy loads and extreme conditions, providing superior protection and durability.
    • Dirt Track Transmission Fluid: Specifically formulated to reduce parasitic drag and friction in dirt track racing applications, for quicker shifts and smoother power delivery.
  • Friction-Defying Precision:
    • Professional Spray Lube: Tackle seized linkages and stubborn joints with ease.
    • Speed Wax: Achieve a radiant shine and minimize parasitic drag for unparalleled speed.
  • Dominating Presence:
    • Dirt-Off Spray: Combat grime and road grime with effortless cleaning.
    • Large Daytona 1 Decals: Display your championship spirit with pride.

Available in two configurations – Asphalt and Dirt – the Go Fast Kit is meticulously tailored to your specific racing needs.

At Daytona 1, we're obsessed with one thing: your success. We combine the finest ingredients with cutting-edge technology to deliver unbeatable performance and proven results. Champions and weekend warriors alike trust Daytona 1 for one reason – we help you go faster, further, and leave the competition in the dust.

Order your Go Fast Kit today and unlock your racing potential! Enjoy flat rate shipping for just $14.25.

Contact your favorite Daytona1 dealer, or visit our website at

We'll see you on the podium!


The Daytona 1 Team

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