Grip-Bite Black: Tire Treatment

13th Feb 2024

Grip-Bite Black: Tire Treatment

Back in Stock: Grip-Bite Black - The Ultimate Tire Treatment for Racers 

Attention racing enthusiasts and professional drivers! 

We have some exciting news for you. Our most sought-after product, **Grip-Bite Black**, is now back in stock and ready to take your racing performance to the next level. Designed specifically for the high demands of racing, Grip-Bite Black offers a quick-acting solution for tire treatment, allowing you to prepare your tires overnight and hit the race track with confidence the very next day.

Why Grip-Bite Black? 

Grip-Bite Black stands out from traditional tire softeners by delivering aggressive performance improvements with rapid results. After just one treatment, most tires see a significant reduction in Durometer readings by 5 to 10 points, depending on the tire composition. This is not just a tire softener; it's a comprehensive tire re-conditioner that enhances grip and bite, ensuring your vehicle performs at its best when you need it the most. 

Our unique formula is designed to transform your tires within a remarkably short period. We've tested and proven that a tire with an initial Durometer reading of 70 can be brought down to an incredible 50 after double-treating over just two days. This dramatic improvement means better traction, improved control, and ultimately, superior performance on the track. 

How to Use Grip-Bite Black: 

To achieve the best results with Grip-Bite Black, follow these simple usage directions: 

1. Prepare the Tire: Buff or grind the tire as you normally would to ensure an optimal surface for treatment. 

2. Strip the Tire: Use Aqua X to strip the tire, preparing it for the Grip-Bite Black application. 

3. Dry the Tire: It's crucial that the tire is completely dry before applying the product. 

4. Apply Black Traction: Use a small nap roller or spray for application. Ensure even coverage for the best results.

5. Wrap the Tire (Optional): If time permits, wrapping the tire with plastic for several days can enhance the treatment's effectiveness. 

6. Dry and Race: For those racing soon, leave the tire unwrapped and on its side to dry. You're ready to hit the track!

Maximizing Tire Longevity 

For those looking to extend the life of their tires even further, we recommend starting with Grip-Bite Black for the initial treatment to assess the softness. For subsequent treatments, switching to Grip-Bite Blue or Green can provide continued performance without compromising the tire's longevity. 

Ready to Transform Your Racing Experience? 

Grip-Bite Black is more than just a tire treatment; it's a game-changer for racers seeking quick, effective improvements in tire performance. With its ability to deliver overnight results, enhanced grip, and a dramatic reduction in Durometer readings, it's your secret weapon for success on the race track. 

Don't let this opportunity slip by. Experience the rapid and effective performance of Grip-Bite Black and see the difference for yourself. Get your hands on this revolutionary product and prepare to leave your competition in the dust. Welcome back to the track, racers – with Grip-Bite Black, you're always one step ahead.