Pit Stop Promo: Product Highlight GEAR LUBE

Posted by Daytona 1 on 20th Feb 2024

Pit Stop Promo: Product Highlight GEAR LUBE

Leading the Pack with the World's Fastest Gear Oils

Daytona 1's Gear Oils have been Dyno tested and track proven to be the world's fastest gear oils, globally recognized through comprehensive testing and real-world applications. 

Daytona 1 sets a new standard in high-performance lubrication. Our synthetic gear lube, tested rigorously on the track and in the lab, has proven to outperform competitors like Mobile1, showcasing a significant 3 ½ horsepower increase at the rear wheels and an 8% reduction in energy consumption for rear gear operations. Designed for racers who demand the best, our gear oils leverage advanced "Defrictionators" TM technology to deliver unmatched protection, superior lubricity, and exceptional performance enhancements. Whether it's pushing the limits on the racetrack or optimizing the performance of a Harley-Davidson transmission, Daytona 1's gear fluids ensure your machine operates at peak efficiency. 

Our commitment to innovation and quality doesn't just end with performance gains; it extends to protecting your investment against wear, heat, and corrosion. Daytona 1's gear oils are engineered to reduce friction and wear, offering enhanced horsepower delivery to the ground and ensuring smoother gear shifts. This unparalleled protection guarantees your vehicle's longevity and reliability, making our products a top choice for competitors and enthusiasts alike. Experience the difference with Daytona 1 – the ultimate solution for those who refuse to settle for anything less than the best.

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