Posted by Daytona 1 on 9th Mar 2023

The Importance of Properly Cleaning a Race Tire and Why

The importance of properly cleaning a race tire and why.

The majority of tires come from the factory with their pores "clogged".  What's it clogged with?  Waxy substances and Gunk from the tire processing.  

Most times a release agent is sprayed into the molds. Remember, molten rubber flows into the steel mold so the wax has to be strong enough to withstand the heat and stay in place. The more mold release is sprayed, the easier it is for the operator to remove the tires from the mold. Therefore, many times tires get an overabundance of the waxy substance imbedded, and it never leaves the tire. 

If left in the tire it can harden over time and this stops the tire from working as good as it can. Also, old tires pick up all types of "gunk" from the track that naturally gets imbedded.  All of this needs to be removed for the tire to work to its best.  Also, this gives you more Grip and Bite...and helps the tire to "re-fire" much better after cautions.

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