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Stop settling for ordinary chain lubes. Go ULTRA with Rock N' Roll!

Unleash the Power of Graphene: Introducing the Unstoppable Rock N' Roll Chain Lube ULTRA


Discover the revolutionary power of the Rock N' Roll Chain Lube ULTRA, where the finest synthetic base stock meets the superlative strength of graphene. Designed for the elite in the motorsport and bicycle communities, our graphene-infused formula sets a new precedent in chain maintenance.

Defeat Friction with Graphene Technology:

  • A 50% reduction in friction means your chains shift with silkiness and your power transmission is as smooth as it gets.
  • Enjoy a ride with reduced power loss, translating to increased ride efficiency and overall power performance.

Unmatched in Chain Protection:

  • Experience up to a 90% reduction in wear as Graphene's robust defense shields your chain against the toughest of riding conditions.
  • Designed for longevity, durable chains mean more time on the track and less time on maintenance.

All-Weather Endurance:

  • With Graphene, harsh conditions no longer dictate where and when you ride. ULTRA stands the test of all environments, from blistering heat to frostbitten cold.

Why Graphene in Chain Lube?

By infusing graphene into our already superior formula, we've created a chain lube that takes performance to a whole new level! Whether you're a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, Rock N' Roll Chain Lube ULTRA is the perfect choice for taking your performance to the next level. Experience the difference of graphene and feel the power of unstoppable lubrication.

 Great for; Motorcycles, Jr. Dragsters, Go-Karts, Mini Bikes, Bicycles and Garage Doors.  If it has a chain you need Rock N' Roll Chain Lube!