Cool Boost Z-9 Air Conditioner Defrictionator

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Elevate your system's performance with our 12 OZ bottle of Cool Boost Defrictionator Z-9. This revolutionary formula enhances your current unit by facilitating the smooth flow of compressor oil and refrigerant gas mixture throughout the system. This optimized process maximizes results, reduces wear and tear, and leads to a longer lifespan with lower maintenance costs. Suitable for commercial, residential, trucks, and automobiles, Cool Boost Defrictionator Z-9 is a versatile solution.

Usage Directions:
Inject into the compressor oil reservoir or the low-pressure return side of the refrigerant flow line. It is essential to have a qualified technician use proper equipment for injection. Store the product at room temperature in the original container, tightly closed and properly labeled.

Recommended Usage:
1 oz. per ton for general application.
1 ounce in automobiles.
1½ ounces in larger extended capacity mobile units.

Choose Cool Boost Defrictionator Z-9 for enhanced system performance, longevity, and cost-effective maintenance.


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