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Optimize your tire rotation with Daytona1's fully synthetic Racing Hub Oil, the essential solution for achieving 'free-floating' spindles. This racing hub oil ensures effortless rotation, enhancing your overall performance on the track.

Key Features:
- Fully synthetic formula for superior performance
- Facilitates 'free floating' spindles
- Comes in a 32 oz bottle
- Made in the USA

Oil Level Maintenance:
Maintaining the proper oil level is crucial for peak hub performance. Follow these guidelines to ensure optimal results:

1. Rotate the hub to position the oil fill level between 8 and 9 o’clock.
2. Front: Fill oil until it reaches the bottom of the Oil/Fill Level Plug, approximately 6 oz.
3. Rear: Fill oil until it reaches the bottom of the Spindle, approximately 6 oz. Avoid overfilling to prevent oil from entering side tubes.

Trust Daytona1's Racing Hub Oil for a seamless tire rotation and peak hub performance on the race track. Made in the USA, this fully synthetic formula guarantees top-tier results for your racing needs.

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