ZL-1 100% Zinc Engine Treatment 16oz

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Our newest Engine Treatment, ZL-1, is an unbeatable combination a TRI-ZINC formulation with the latest technology. We blended three different types of zinc (ZDDP) polymers into a proprietary combination that creates outstanding protective barriers inside your engine. This new ZL-1 is recommended to be used during break-in with any gas, diesel, or propane engine.

And just like our XL-1, the ZL-1 works great in street cars, hot rods, tow vehicles, and for that extra protection and gas mileage your daily driver. Use it on every oil change and you'll never wear out another bearing or cam shaft. 

  • Fortified With The Latest Technology In Zinc Concentrate
  • Increase Horsepower
  • Increase Torque
  • Anti-Wear & Anti-Oxidation
  • Inhibits Oxidation
  • Reduces Heat Buildup and Wear
  • Made In The USA

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