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Explore the pinnacle of racing performance with D1-Ultimate Racing ATF, a Full Synthetic fluid designed to elevate consistency, transmission longevity, temperature control, pressure stabilization, and fluid lifespan.

When it comes to racing excellence, D-1 Ultimate stands out as the unrivaled choice. It not only meets but exceeds the demanding requirements for severe duty and extended drain intervals. Compliant with Allison TES-295 and Allison TES-389™ performance levels, this racing ATF is engineered from high viscosity synthetic base oils and additives.

D1-Ultimate offers:
- Oxidation and thermal stability
- Friction control
- Exceptional load-carrying ability
- Corrosion and wear protection
- Prevention of deposits, sludge, varnish, and foam formation

It goes beyond expectations by meeting or surpassing DEXRON®-III, Ford MERCON® and MERCON® V specifications, especially for vehicles in moderate to severe service. Versatile in application, D1-Ultimate can also be used in Hydrostatic drives and hydraulic power transmission systems in various industries.

Daytona 1's D1-Ultimate Racing ATF is the epitome of design and formulation excellence, meeting the extreme demands of racing while addressing diverse worldly needs. Elevate your racing experience with the ultimate in performance lubricants.

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