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Whom ever said you couldn't re-invent the wheel didn't ask the chemist at Daytona1 because we just did it!

We took the best tire prep and cleaner on the market and injected it with X, eXtra cleaning power. In fact Grip-Bite Aqua-X has so much X in it we recommend you cut it with tap water by 50%. Just mix in your typical pump sprayer and start spraying, cleaning, and stripping your tires before treating with our Grip-Bite Blue, Green or Black.

If your track/series allows tire prepping, the Grip-Bite family of products are an excellent choice.  Unlike the toxic tire prep treatments on the market, Daytona 1 has made Grip-Bite products environmentally safe, non-toxic, with virtually no odor.  

Grip-Bite Aqua removes the mold release from new tires, opens the pores of the tire to better accept tire prep, and cleans foreign material off used tires.  This process also allows the tire to fire off more rapidly in a more responsive manner.

Usage Instructions:

  1. To use, spray the tire with the cleaner and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.
  2. Do not let dry.
  3. Pressure wash or scrub briskly with wet microfiber towel, then rinse and allow to dry.
  4. Follow with the Grip-Bite Tire Prep of your choice.

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Watch a 2-minute video on How To Properly Clean a Race Tire