Grip-Bite Tire Treatment I-4 ( Green )

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Grip-Bite Green works as an elastomer, so it restores, adds new life, and gives super bite and grip. It also allows your tires to last longer and work better. It is not a tire softener and does not degrade the rubber as other treatments do. On average, Grip-Bite Green only alters Durometer ratings 3-4 points. This is only an average, as every tire is different and every compound is different. Grip-Bite Green is not intended to pass lab tests.

If your track/series allows tire prepping, Grip-Bite Green is an excellent choice. Unlike the toxic treatments on the market, Daytona 1 has made Grip-Bite Green, along with a family of complimentary products, to be environmentally safe, non-toxic, with virtually no odor. Grip-Bite Green is primarily used as an inside prep, though it can also be used as an outside prep.


Usage Instructions:

For best results, clean the tire first with Grip-Bite Aqua Race Tire Cleaner (available in a separate listing). It removes the mold release from new tires, opens the pores of the tire to better accept tire prep, and cleans foreign material off used tires.

Grip-Bite Green is equipped with an accelerator and will dry quickly, therefore it can be used the day of the race if necessary.

To use, apply an ample amount to the inside of the tire to cover the side walls as the tire rotates. Let rotate until the sidewall is fully covered and the product has penetrated the tire sidewall completely. One treatment normally gives the desired results and a more active and usable sidewall.

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For best results clean your tire with Grip-Bite Aqua before treating with Grip-Bite Green:
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