Grip-Bite Tire Treatment I-4 ( Green )

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Elevate your racing performance with Grip-Bite Green, an advanced elastomeric tire treatment designed to restore, enhance grip, and extend tire life. Unlike traditional tire softeners, Grip-Bite Green does not degrade rubber, altering Durometer ratings by an average of 3-4 points for improved performance.

Key Features:
- Elastomeric formulation for superior bite and grip
- Tire restoration and increased lifespan
- Non-toxic and environmentally safe
- Limited impact on Durometer ratings
- Accelerated drying for same-day race application

Ideal for both inside and outside tire prep, Grip-Bite Green offers a unique solution for optimizing performance. If your track or series permits tire prepping, Daytona 1's Grip-Bite Green stands out as a safe and effective choice, free from harmful toxins and virtually odorless.

Enhance sidewall performance:
- Apply Grip-Bite Green to stiff or harder sidewalls using a brush or sponge before mounting.
- Relax the sidewall for improved race patch contact and prevent "lip up" for better overall performance.

Usage Instructions:
1. Clean tires with Grip-Bite Aqua Race Tire Cleaner for optimal results.
2. Apply Grip-Bite Green generously to the inside of the tire, covering sidewalls as the tire rotates.
3. Allow the product to penetrate the sidewall completely for desired results and a more active sidewall.
4. Grip-Bite Green dries quickly, enabling same-day race application if necessary.

Experience the difference with Grip-Bite Green for enhanced grip, extended tire life, and improved race performance.

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For best results clean your tire with Grip-Bite Aqua before treating with Grip-Bite Green:
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