Grip-Bite C-4 Tire Treatment ( Blue )

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Enhance your racing performance with Grip-Bite Blue, a versatile tire prep solution designed for both outside and inside applications, providing superior grip and longevity. Utilizing its elastomeric properties, Grip-Bite Blue rejuvenates and enhances tire performance without degrading rubber, ensuring extended tire life.

Key Features:
- Acts as an elastomer for added bite and grip
- Restores and revitalizes tires
- Promotes longer tire lifespan
- Non-toxic and environmentally safe
- Minimal impact on Durometer ratings (average 3-4 points)

Unlike conventional tire softeners, Grip-Bite Blue is specifically formulated to improve tire performance while maintaining environmental friendliness. Complementing our commitment to safety, Daytona 1 offers a family of eco-friendly products with virtually no odor.

Usage Instructions:
1. Clean tires with Grip-Bite Aqua Race Tire Cleaner for optimal results.
2. Apply Grip-Bite Blue using a paint roller or similar applicator mid-week.
3. Wrap the tire in plastic or place it in a hot box (at 100 degrees).
4. Allow it to sit for 24 hours or until dry.

Experience the difference with Grip-Bite Blue – making your tires feel and act like "sticker tires" for enhanced racing performance.

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Watch Chad and Kris Treat a Tire with Grip-Bite Blue

For best results clean your tire with Grip-Bite Aqua before treating with Grip-Bite Blue:
Cleaning Tricks


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    Posted by James Dedmon on 27th Apr 2023

    The products work just following instructions and you will get the results